Buy honey bee queens in Nunn

Lanoix’s Bees is the premium place to fulfill all your honey bee requirements. We are providing quality beekeeping services since 2009 across various locations in Colorado, including Nunn, Windsor, Greeley, and Laporte. Buy honey bee queens in Nunn from Lanoix’s Bees today. We offer beekeeping services throughout the year anywhere in Colorado. In addition to offering beehives and honeybees, we also provide services for bee removal in Nunn. Worry not if this is your first beekeeping project, as our professionals are ready to part you with essential advice on your beekeeping quest.

We Offer…

High-quality Honeybees and Nucs for Sale in Nunn

Lanoix’s Bees provides high-quality honeybees, Carniolan and Italian honeybee breeds, to clients across Colorado. We have:

  • Carniolan Bees – A subspecies of the western honey bee, Apis Mellifera Carnica or Carniolan bee is popular honeybee breed used for several beekeeping projects and needs across the globe. The honeybee species is native to Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. The honeybee is required for preparing a number of honey-based products with desirable qualities.
  • Italian Bees – Another subspecies of the western honey bee or Apis Mellifera is the Italian bee. The scientific name for the honeybee breed is Apis Mellifera Ligustica. Found in Italy, Sicily, and select regions of the Alps, Italian bees are bred by beekeepers around the world for their high-quality and unique white-capped honey. Additionally, they are also used in many honeybees-based researches, as the breed is the most widespread honeybee species in the world.
  • Carniolan Nucs – Lanoix’s Bees offer Carniolan Nucs throughout the year. Get quality honey bee colonies for all your projects.
  • Italian Nucs – Yes, we also offer Italian Nucs. Make an advance booking before the honeybee season and get notified ASAP for a pickup from Lanoix’s Bees.

Queen Bees for Sale in Nunn

Get naturally-bred queen bees in Nunn from Lanoix’s Bees. Our queen bees are apt for involving in a beekeeping project or for manufacturing honey-based products with selected qualities. We provide honeybees throughout the year. Tell us about your requirements in advance so that we can fulfill it and make it ready for pickup at the earliest possible. If this is your first time for breeding bees, get assistance from our professionals to do it the right way.

Bee Hives for Sale in Nunn

We offer beehives in several locations in Colorado, including Nunn, Windsor, Greeley, Evans, and more. All our beehives ensure quality. Moreover, you can get assistance and important advice from our beekeeping professionals to make the optimum use of your purchased beehives, honeybees, and queen bees.

Wasp Removal in Nunn

Lanoix’s Bees offers wasp removal services, in addition to bee removal in Nunn. Our professionals are expert in making your place free from any kind of honeybee or wasp issues. We employ non-lethal methods of removing honeybees and wasp from a location. Before starting the removal process, we look and decide a safe place where these insects can survive and thrive. Only after ensuring this, our professionals proceed with the harmless bee or wasp removal process.