Honey Queens Bee in Fort Collins

Lanoix’s Bees is your premier destination for getting honey queens bee in Fort Collins. We are proud breeders and suppliers of high-quality honeybee breeds for about a decade now. Buy honey bee queens in Fort Collins from Lanoix’s Bees to enjoy a comprehensive and detailed beekeeping service. We have a wide variety of honeybees and beekeeping services to let you successfully breed honeybees or remove them away from your place harmlessly.

A Brief Beekeeping Story

Christ Lenway, the founder of Lanoix’s Bees, was continuously involved with beekeeping as a hobby since 1999. Over time, his interest in honeybee breeding grew, and hives kept by him also grew, in number. Sometime in 2008, Mr. Lenway thought about sharing his delicately bred friends with others and thus, Lanoix’s Bees came into being. At present, Lanoix’s Bees has over 150 different beehives distributed among farms at several different locations throughout northern Colorado.

We’ve been providing several honeybee services, ranging from bee removal to bee queens and beehives for sale. We also deal in effective wasp removal to make your place safe from the nuisance of wasp in the most harmless way. Visit us today to enjoy:

1) Bee Removal in Fort Collins

Lanoix’s Bees offers comprehensive honeybee removal services across Fort Collins. Our professionals are adept at effective honeybee removal services, allowing us to safely remove honeybees from your place without hurting them.  Typically, we would choose a great breeding location for the honeybees near but away from your place. In case we don’t find such a place, we will keep them with us. We also offer services for wasp removal in Fort Collins. Professionals at Lanoix’s Bees are well-versed in dealing with different kinds of wasp problems.

2) Queen Bees for Sale in Fort Collins

Get intricately-bred queen bees in Fort Collins with the Lanoix’s Bees. We offer all-purpose honeybees for independent breeders and honey-based product manufacturers alike. Our professionals use the most renowned conventions of honeybee breeding to present clients with apt honeybee breeds, capable of fulfilling several purposes and intents. We offer queen bees during all seasons of the year.

3) Bee Hives for Sale in Fort Collins

Beehives are extremely useful for a wide variety of industrial and beekeeping purposes. At Lanoix’s Bees, we present the best beehives for sale across Fort Collins. Our beehives are apt for preparing a honeybee project for exhibitions as well as using them for producing various honey-based products with desirable qualities and nutritional value.

Importance of Honeybees in Our Lives

Honeybees are one of the most hardworking species crafted by Mother Nature. In fact, honeybees are closely related to human survival. A wide range of human requirements, ranging from food to medicine, are fulfilled by honey-based products. Therefore, it is important to breed honeybees with affection and respect.

We have been offering the best Fort Collins queen bees for sale for some time now. We also offer Fort Collins bee hives for sale during all seasons of the year. Contact us today to know more about our various beekeeping services. We are available over the phone as well as via email. Our experts are on their toes 24×7 for replying to your honey-bee queries.