Queen Bees for Sale in Wellington

Greetings from Lanoix’s Bees! We are proud to offer quality queen bees for sale in Wellington. The best time to get packaged honeybees is from mid-April to the late April. Premium quality bees can be obtained only in this short duration, hence make advance bookings to get your favourite bees ready for a pickup. Nucs are typically available during mid-May while hygienic queens are available almost all around the year. In addition to offering quality bee hives for sale in Wellington, we also provide consummate services for bee removal in Wellington.

Our Honeybee Offerings

We primarily deal with Carniolan Bees and Italian Bees. Both varieties of honeybees are quality breeds offering several essential but distinct qualities to honeybee breeders:

Carniolan Bees

Apis mellifera carnica or a Carniolan bee is a primary subspecies of the western honey bee. The bee breed is native to Slovenia and southern Austria and also found in several locations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. Even though limited by the geography of Earth, Carniolan bees are required across all continents for producing honey with desirable qualities and honey-based products for catering to various markets.

Essential Qualities of Carniolan Bees

  • Mild temperament – Bears a temperate temperament towards the beekeepers
  • Self-defended – Apt to defend itself against insect pests and insect pests attacks
  • Practical – Adept at adjusting the worker population according to the nectar availability
  • Flexibility in breeding – Ability to rapidly expand worker bee population post nectar becomes available as well as delimiting brooding when nectar recedes
  • High disease and parasite resistance – Unlike many other honeybee breeds, Carniolan bees are resistant to some diseases and parasites that commonly plaque honeybees
  • High productivity – Produces a vast amount of honey and pollen during the high nectar period

At Lanoixsbees, we breed the healthiest Carnolian bees apposite for fulfilling a wide variety of purposes, ranging from breeding and collecting them to preparing some bee culture project. We employ only the most healthy and natural ways for breeding honeybees.

Italian Bees

Scientifically known as Apis mellifera lingustica, the Italian bee is another subspecies of the western honey bee (Apis mellifera) species. It has originated from the continental part of Italy, north of Sicily and south of the Alps, and might even have survived the last Ice Age. The subspecies of Italian Bees is the most widely distributed honeybee subspecies.

Essential Qualities of Italian Bees

  • Likes to keep the beehive clean – Offers the best cleanliness and excellent housekeeping among all varieties of honeybees
  • Produces white-capped raw honey – Develop and use an intricate white capping to remarkably cover the produced honey, making it distinguishable from honey made by other honeybee species in its raw form
  • Apposite for moderate weather conditions – Ideal for breeding in regions with moderate weather conditions throughout the year with a continuous nectar flow
  • Low Swarming – Less swarming tendency than most western honey bee breeds
  • Excellent comb builder – Builds a single cell about 30% bigger than average honeybee subspecies

Comprehensive Beekeeping Services in Wellington

Contact Lanoix’s Bees today to know more about our effective and fast wasp removal services in Wellington. Our professionals are adept at making wasp removal quick and efficient. We also present our clients with the chance to buy honey bee queens in Wellington. Give a call or shoot an email to request a quote today.